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Lawn Care

Princeton Scapes has many programs to ensure that your yard makes a good impression and is welcoming. We are experts in fertilization (chemical or organic) and integrated pest management (IPM).

  • Fertilization
    Proper plant fertilization depends on the kinds of plants and the soil. Critical plant nutrients can come from either organic or chemical fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphate, and potash. Organic fertilizers include fresh and dried animal manures, blood meal, cottonseed meal, and steamed bone meal.

  • • Integrated pest management (IPM)
    Our IPM program prevents the development of pest populations and reduces risks to humans and the environment. We inspect your garden regularly to determine pest activity and conditions that may lead to infestations. Treatment methods depend on the pests we find.

Starting in the spring, we provide a six-step program

  1. Early spring: Application of a balanced fertilizer, with a pre-emergent herbicide for control of crabgrass

  2. Mid-spring: Application of a balanced slow-release fertilizer. Application of Merit to control grubs

  3. Early summer: Application of a balanced slow-release fertilize. Broadleaf weed control

  4. Late summer/early fall: Application of a balanced fertilizer Broadleaf weed control

  5. Late fall: Application of a balanced fertilizer to promote healthy root growth

  6. Lime: Application of lime to maintain a neutral soil

Our IPM and organic programs are tailored for your individual needs. Please call or email us for more information.

A healthy lawn that is well fed and well tended provides pleasure to the property owner and is beneficial to the environment. Princeton Scapes takes pride in our lawns, whether fertilized with conventional or organic methods.